Business Events

We'll bring the massage therapist(s) to you for your event! Chair and table massages are available.Pricing and additional information provided during a quick consultation. Please Call (913) 789-9944 for details.

Employee Appreciation

Boost Moral and Increase Productivity

Wellness Day
Company Health Fairs, Reduces Stress

Trade Show Attraction

Our chair massages will bring immediate attention to your potential clients as we provide 10 minute massages at YOUR BOOTH for your VIP's.

Party Favors
Anniversary, Bachelorette, Valentine's Day, or just because.


Refresher Mini Massage/Target Area

Pain Management Massage

30-45 minute target area massage will focus on specific muscle groups for a more detailed tension-reducing outcome helping with potential rehabilitation and pain management.
30 Minutes = $50
45 minute = $65

Massage Services

Signature Sense Datum Massage

A personalized session with your very own specific blend of pressure and techniques taking you on a journey of your senses leaving you feeling cared for, pampered, and relaxed. 

 60 Minutes = $80 
90 Minutes = $105
2 hr = $150

Sports Deep Tissue Massage

Incorporates several different integrative techniques including deep tissue, stretching, trigger point therapy and target area massage. Your session can include all over body massage or focused on one or more major muscle groups. Sports massage is helpful for pain management, rehabilitation, and flexibility.  
60 Minutes = $85-$95
90 Minutes = $110-$130
2 Hr = $170-$190

Facials and Waxing

The Classic $60 and up
Oxygen Facial $70 and up

Enrich your facial:
Lip replenishment treatment = $5
Hydrating Eye Recovery treatment = $5

​Hand or Foot Paraffin Mask:
$10 or $17 both (coming soon)
Waxing Services:

Eyebrows: $15

Lip $10

Chin $10

Full Face wax (brows, lip, chin) $30

Full Legs$55

Half Legs (includes knees) $35

Full Arms: $35

Half Arms (includes elbows) $25

Back & Shoulders $55 and up

Chest $35 and up

Chest and stomach $35 and up

Underarms $25

​Fingers or toes $5

Nostrils $5

Personalized Waxes are Available

(examples: stomach lower back fuzz,

sideburns, full foot, neck or hairline, nose....)

* tweezing & trimming touch-ups are included with

the wax or available at $5 for brows and $3 for lip

or chin if a wax is not desired.

Chemical Peels:  $40 and up

Lightening LIft

Wrinkle Lift

Acne Lift

Signature Face Lift